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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)on Shankha bazaar 

Q) What is Shankha-bazar?

A) Shankha bazar is a website to sell articles made from conch shell and other items by shakhari (community of people who works on articles made with Conch shell a religious item)

Q) Is this a genuine website?

A) Yes, Shankha bazar is licensed entity. It has been validated & authorized to sell items over Shankha-bazar website. We have GST number which we share with our invoice.

Q) Are payments made on Shankha bazar safe & secure?

A) Yes, all payments made on Shankha bazar are done through trusted & reliable payment gateways only. Paytm has verified our business and established payment system partnership on Shankha bazar.

Q) If I have a question about my order, payments or any item on Shankha-bazar, who should I contact?

A) If you have questions about a specific item on the website or any item to customize please send us an email using the Contact Us screen. If you have a question concerning a payment or order processed through our site, please include your order number along with your query while using the Contact Us screen.

Q) Which browser your site is compatible with?
A) Our site is compatible with all latest browser IE, Firefox Mozilla, safari etc.

Head Office:

67/4 Abdussamad Road
West Bengal
Pin: 742101

Contact email: customercare@shankhabazar.com

Phone: +91 993 298 0090


Rural India is not a downgraded version of urban India. It is a different market. Creative marketing is needed to gain access to this untapped market. Our vision, to strengthen the local community & the rural small scaled Industries.

There are thousands of rural handloom products and minor industries, still not exposed to the world due to the poor infrastructure and because of that a large section of rural people moving to urban part of Indian.

Our goal is to connect the rural India to the world, so they (rural small scaled Industries/communities) can easily reach out to the buyers without any middle man. Not only that, we are trying to create a high skilled resource pool with the local talent in different areas even in the high-tech technology space so the whole community can sustain & develop without any government or public(NGO’s) help.

With urban India, the world's largest middle-class population, now deciphered and more or less conquered, it is time to tap into what could be the world's last and the largest untapped markets - 'emerging India'. While urban India was a difficult market to crack, rural India will be nothing short of an enigma.